Campeonato Internacional Haxball Tennis

Aqui joga-se o campeonato mais apaixonante do Tennis no Haxball // Here is played the most exciting championship tennis in Haxball
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 New players

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Tom Baker

Tom Baker

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PostSubject: New players   Wed May 18, 2016 11:27 pm

If is your first tournament could be better you look for a referer to your match. Better if is a admin or mod from the forum: Leitner, JuanMata, JOHNRAMBO, Tom Baker.

Except final, all matches are to best of 3 sets. Winner of set is first to achieve 6 points with +2 in difference to the opponent. If you are 5-5 you need 7 points, if you are 6-6 you need 8... To write the result we will put 7-6 to the winner like it was a tie break ;P
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New players
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