Campeonato Internacional Haxball Tennis

Aqui joga-se o campeonato mais apaixonante do Tennis no Haxball // Here is played the most exciting championship tennis in Haxball
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 Davis Cup!!

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Tom Baker

Tom Baker

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Davis Cup!! Empty
PostSubject: Davis Cup!!   Davis Cup!! EmptyFri May 27, 2016 12:11 pm

Each Nation will have one captain: best 1v1 player ranking CIHT from country. On team will be the 2 best players 1v1 from country, and the best mates 2v2. If in the 2v2 team is any player of best two in 1v1, captain can choose if take that couple or take next in the ranking.

Also, captain can call 3rd player in ranking 1v1 and a second couple of 2v2 in ranking to be substitutes.

If the country doesnt have 2v2 couple in raking ciht, they can play with your own couple as they want.

Requirement for participation: have 2 players from country.
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Davis Cup!!
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